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Welcome to Karen's Page, a web page intended to keep Karen's family and friends informed about her cancer. Karen, age 40, has a rare form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. She and her husband Tom have 2 children ages 4 and 7.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

El Bloggo on the net

Where have I been? Oh, yes, that is the question. Since chemo has ended we have been remarkably successful at getting back in to what I would deem a “normal lifestyle”. Shoot, it has been so long at that now that I don’t really expect that anyone is reading the blog any more. In fact you may be the only one, and if that is the case then I write these words just for you.

It’s funny how in life you grow accustomed to things and make changes to accommodate and accept them as more normal the longer that they live around you. Since the surgery and chemo are done – in fact we are 1 month away from the 1 year anniversary of the procedure – I have grown used to the necessary changes in our lives and at this point, I have to tell you that things are pretty much normal. Sure, Karen visits the doctor every three months for tests and scans, we are on the lookout for strange things happening to her every day but . . . .it is not something that we wake up thinking about. I am used to the zipper that runs up and down her middle and it is now a part of her but not as a constant reminder of what she has gone through but rather as a part, now, of Karen. No big deal.

So it’s over for now and it may or may not come back. How’s that for a strange, vague outlook? No matter, it is what it is.

I am finding it difficult to believe that we are upon the one year anniversary of the surgery which also means that we are fast upon the two year anniversary of Karen’s cancer. You know, if you think that time flies fast in normal life as you get older, I submit that dealing with a cancer accelerates that by a factor of at least three. Where has the time gone? I surely don’t know but I do say this: I am looking forward to being home for the month of November, to having the family out for a real Thanksgiving holiday, and for a Christmas season filled with activities not based around home care and post-surgical trauma. ( I think Karen feels the same way. Ha!)

The second annual Chef’s Auction is only a few weeks away and it is going to be a great one. We have 20 of the Valley’s best chefs on board and they are going to be auctioned off on November 9 to raise money for the Pendleton Foundation. I think Karen has briefed you on this, so I will not re-do that but if you are in the valley and available that night, get your buns over there. We will be there, it will be a great deal of fun, and hey! You too can have your own chef for a private dinner and you can’t get that on Ebay. Don’t be shy! Call now and get tickets!!!! Talk to Gina at 760-202-6157 or get on the website and set it up. Don’t worry if you weren’t at the last one and don’t know what you are in for . . . neither do I!!!!!

Take care, all. I move forward in my new mental state!

El Bloggo


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