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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chemo #7

Hello Friends,
Well, I received chemo #7 on Monday. It went pretty well, though, I'm experiencing the side effects even today (nauseous - yuck). I see a teeny tiny light at the end of the tunnel! If everything works out, I'll be done with chemo July 1st!

One of the frustrating things now, is that I feel I am getting increasingly more out of shape. I can't seem to work out enough to get back in to shape. I go to Jazzercise whenever I feel that I can. I guess it 's better than not going at all! So, I think July will be spent on getting back in shape. I still feel the frustration of it all. You all know that I like to be in shape!

Our trip to the Grand Canyon was more than wonderful!! The train ride was so fun - the boys loved it. It was a 2 hr. ride, and they tired of that after a while. It helped that we took a first class train that had snacks and singing cowboys and indians to entertain us. The Grand Canyon was so incredibly beautiful. I told Tom that I want to start saving up for our next trip, which will involve hiking, a river raft trip and staying over night. Of course, the boys have to be older, so there will be plenty of time. Tucker really liked the Grand Canyon. He said, " Mom, it's so deep, I love the Grand Canyon!". It's nice that he appreciated it. Hudson didn't quite get it, though was appreciative of the fact that if he didn't stay away from the edge, his parents would have a heart attack! We took a bus ride around the South rim and had a very informative bus driver, who really liked his job. He had lots to tell us. The only drawback was that there were a ton of little bugs flying around everywhere. They didn't bite, but were annoying. I was amazed at how people could stand by the awesomeness of the grand canyon and could only focus on the bugs. One lady didn't even get out of the bus because of the bugs. Oh well. We also had the opportunity to explore an old soldier/indian fort, explored the cliff dwellings and toured some caves. All of this stuff is what I love to do!!

That's pretty much it for now. Thanks again for all of your support. YOur prayers mean so much to me.



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