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Monday, June 05, 2006

Chemo #10

Well, it's done. Chemo #10!! I only have 2 more left - phew. This round is kicking me in the behind, though. All I've managed to do since Friday, is a couple of loads of laundry and sleeping alot! And I mean a lot! For whatever reason, I'm totally exhausted and nauseated with this round. It's hard to deal with, because I usually, at least for part of the day, feel decent enough to accomlish something. But 'tis not the case this time. The neuropathy has spread to my toes now too. That's a wierd feeling - tingling in the toes. And my fingers are more sensitive again. I had to get the gloves back out to get in the refrigerator.

So, since it's hard on me, it's also hard on Tom. He's really had take over a lot this time. Fortunately, we are still getting meal support - such a huge help. Thanks to my friend, Leslie, for the angel coin. I really love it. I'll carry it with me.

I keep thinking about when all of this is going to be over. I can't wait to have energy enough to give back to my friends and community. I also can't wait to teach Jazzercise again. I really miss it. I love attending classes, but am steadily getting antsy (a word?) to get back on that stage!

The weather has been pretty horribly hot. So, the boys are currently in the living room, playing light sabors to the music of Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Tom is too funny. He bought season tickets to our local water park. Hopefully we'll use it a lot.

He is growing a beard for his upcoming role in the the VBS production at Southwest. I really like it! We'll see if he keeps it after VBS. He may be too clean cut for it. My honey.

Well, I just wanted to update you all. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling a whole lot better.



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